When: Aug-Sept 2018
Hotel: Hugo’s Boutique Hotel – Adults Only
Why Malta: Malta is one of those places that in Europe you hear about a lot (I don’t know  if it is talked about that much in the States yet), and it has become a popular place to visit in recent years. In 2018, we branched out a little more to farther reaching/harder to visit places and Malta was one of those places. I wanted to go to a place with a mix of history and resorts for Labor Day weekend, and Malta seemed like the perfect place.

The Trip: When I started researching Malta, I knew the biggest challenge was going to be figuring out where to stay. I knew the capital city of Valetta would be a good choice because it was named the European Capital of Culture in 2018, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. But, the pull of rooftop pools and crazy sea views from St. Julian’s, a town about 20 minutes outside of Valletta, was too hard to ignore. I booked an Adults Only hotel in the middle of Paceville, and took a chance on the reviews about the loudness of the area. The reviews weren’t lying – it is a loud area (if you’re in Europe and need a place to party, this is it). But, it was nothing a little white noise app and travel fan couldn’t handle. I would maybe stay in Valletta next time, but for what we wanted this time, it was perfect.

Also perfect was leaving the crazy rain of Stuttgart and landing in warm Malta in the evening. If you can avoid it, don’t rent a car in Malta – the drivers are insane (and we’ve driven in Greece, Italy and Puerto Rico), and the roads aren’t great. Here’s one thing we really loved about Malta – there are White Taxi stands in key locations, and you tell them where you want to go, and then pay the reasonable rate in advance, so the taxi driver can’t scam you. There is also public transportation, but honestly, I wouldn’t rely on them as most looked past every time we saw one.

We got in late on Friday, so we checked in and then took a walk through the raging party that was the neighborhood we stayed in. If I was in college still, this would be a dream area.


Our usual pre-trip selfie!


Our hotel, on a pedestrian street lined with bars!


This hotel was hysterical…and definitely played up the adults-only theme.


Our room had interesting decor…


View of the action from our room – complete with a fireworks show!


Speaking of interesting decor…yes, that is a ceiling mirror. This hotel was ridiculous.

Before heading to Malta, in addition to researching what to see, also learn about the history. It was under British rule for more than 150 years before earning its independence in 1964 (they still drive on the left side, and while many speak English, the official language is Maltese). The country’s fortitude during WWII is amazing, and was key in the Allied victory in Northern Africa (which sits quite close to Malta). Due to its location, it’s definitely a country in contrast – some areas look European, others more Middle Eastern…it’s definitely a little surprising when you first get there.

One of the things I really wanted to do was make sure we explored the northern islands of Malta – Gozo and Camino. There are multiple ways of doing this, but I knew I wanted to see it from the water to be able to enjoy the Cliffs of Gozo and to see the azure blue waters of the Blue Lagoon. So the plan for day 1 was a jet ski trip around the islands of Gozo and Comino. I didn’t put much else on the itinerary, because this took up most of the day, and being in the sun, and jet-skiing all day, I knew we would be exhausted.


The view from the rooftop pool – we just checked it out in the morning, but would definitely be spending some time here.


The rooftop pool was awesome – and thankfully never got packed.


Quick selfie before heading out to our jet ski adventure!


This was actually the view from our room. I love the Med Sea.


Starting location for jet-skiing…do you see the blue water peaking through?


Our rides for the day.


Johnny jet-skiing and the cliffs of Gozo. They were so cool…definitely see these from the water!


These cliffs were so beautiful!


I had my phone in the case, and it was hard to actually use it, so I didn’t notice it had turned to this color filter, but it still gets the cliffs and their prettiness.


Absolutely gorgeous!


I really liked jet-skiing, and pinched myself a little that we were doing it in the Med!


The Blue Lagoon. It was so pretty!!


Look at that water!!


Absolutely gorgeous!


I really loved the little nooks and crannies we got to see.


Just stunning!

Day two was about enjoying the pool area (the whole point for booking the hotel!), before heading to Valletta for some exploring. Valletta is actually quite tiny, but is actually really charming with streets that are just made for wandering. There is one long main pedestrian street, but the side streets are super inviting that it’s easy to veer off. We made sure to wander down there, stopping by the Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views of the east side of the harbor, before circling back around to the other side. It is a really, really nice walk.


Our breakfast view…this hotel was ridiculous.


Morning views – this was so nice and relaxing.


This is what happens when I ask him to smile.


How can you be in this setting and not have a fruity drink??


Relaxing on the edge of the pool.


I totally had to try another one – these are my favorite.


Arriving in Valletta!


We made it to the Gardens!


It’s a really pretty area to wander around.


Overlooking the Harbor




The harbor


Back to the main shopping street of Valletta


The side streets were so cute.


A more modern government building


The balconies on the buildings were mandated when they were first being built and adds to the charm of the city.


Interesting sculpture in a tucked away courtyard.


And then there are modern aspects. BUT! Don’t make the mistake I did and wear flip flops that are slippery because the limestone in the city will definitely make you fall!


So pretty!


I love how vibrant and fun this city was.


It really is a pretty capital.


Walking on the road opposite the gardens on the other side of the harbor.


Just an interesting area.


This is on the opposite side of the Gardens.


My favorite view of Valletta.


With the harbor included.


Time to head back to the hotel!


Dinner our last night!


Dinner view!


This was fun – eating and relaxing as the sunset with this view.


Final Impressions: Malta was nice. Was it one of my favorite places ever? No. Would a couple more days there have changed that? Probably not. But I liked it, and we had a fun weekend. It has gained popularity over the last couple of years, but it is still missing that “wow factor” that people find in the Greek isles or the coast of Italy. I know some people who loved it, and I know some people who thought it was dull  (it is definitely not that) but it’s just your travel preference. I do wish we would have had a little more time because there is so much to see on the island, but a long weekend is enough to get the feeling for the island. I enjoyed the weekend overall, and I still think everyone should go because it does have a little something for everyone.


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