About the Barber’s!

Name: John and Sarah

Marital Status: Married since October 2010 (Together since June 2004!)

Hobbies/Interests: Sarah: Traveling, Running, Baking; John: Motorcycles, Video Games, Shoes.

Why Blog? From Sarah: I have been kicking myself since I arrived in Germany in February 2013 for not starting a blog, or even a travel journal! I have saved every brochure, ticket stub and menu from all of our travels, but it’s not the same as really documenting our experience over here. In July 2013, I was asked to stay over here for another year and (after getting permission from my supervisors back home) excitedly said yes! I set this blog up shortly after thanks to advice from my friend, Natalie (see her adventures as a school teacher in Uganda at summitcitysingle.com) and am excited to document what it is like living abroad. So far – two thumbs way up! Let even more adventures begin! 🙂

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